This is a quick write up on how to install our Dual fans. May seem confusing when looking at the unit but is overly easy to install
First remove your factory fan. Be sure to leave the lower bracket installed on the radiator support.
Ok now it is time to modify the fan for a real easy instlal. Simply take a sawzall or a hack saw & trim off the 4 side mounting tabs.
Now we have it modified. Simply install the driver side first into the end tank. Bend the center & snap it into the passenger side. Your fan is now locked it into the end tanks of the radiator. At this point you can just leave it & it would slide down to the bottom & not pop out.

We are going to insall it & mount it to the lower factory mounting tab. We will be using a # 10 x 1" pan head screw. There may be a space between the mounting tab & the fan. You can use a nut as a spacer if this is the situation.
You  have now installed a fan on your factory radiator.
On an Aluminum Radiator the install is exactly the same. You may have to file the sides slightly on your fan for this install just due to the expansion rate of aluminum.
You are following the same procedures.
If you have a NON 87 Turbo Buick you may have to use a radiator hold down. the pictures show how this is installed or this is a nice upgrade for a metal hold down.
Please read instructions if you use a Casper's wiring harness kit. Every thing you need will be in the instructions. We suggest Casper's or a Racetronix's  kit to prolong the life of your fans. We also sell a simple plug adapter that will use your factory relays. This is OK if you do not drive your car quite often.
You will notice this in the drop down menu of choices.
Our fans show an approximate drop of 15* minimum over factory fans. with our aluminum Radiator & dula fans you shouldn't run above the thermostat rating.

Thank You and as we appreciate your business,